AWS Azure Cloud Computing Training

AWS Azure Cloud computing Course

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Course covers

  • Introduction to Cloud
  • Azure Compute-
  • Azure Networking
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure BackUp and Site Recovery
  • Azure Identities

Google Cloud

  • Module 1: Google Cloud Platform Projects
  • Module 2: Instances & App Engine
  • Module 3: Networks
  • Module 4: Authorization
  • Module 5: Google Cloud Storage
  • Module 6: Big Query
  • Module 8: Instance Groups
  • Module 9: Load Balancing
  • Module 10: Auto scaling
  • Demo: Google Cloud Deployment Manager

About the course

  • Indeed enlists over 500 Azure positions with salary estimations of 80K USD.
  • Used by over 57% of the Fortune 500 companies, the demand for Azure professionals is like never before.
  • With 88% of the businesses worldwide already using public cloud, the reason for professionals like you to consider taking up Azure cloud computing training is getting all the more stronger.

Offering great solutions for cloud-based processing and management of Big data, Azure is one of the most popular cloud computing services preferred by businesses worldwide. As there are many products and applications in Azure, there is a high demand for certified professionals who can design deploy as well as manage Azure solutions. Some of the popular positions include:

  • Azure consultants
  • Azure architects
  • Azure developers
  • Azure cloud administrators
  • Azure engineers, to name a few.

Working on your Azure expertise with the help of a certification program will notably boost your CV and will also help you to successfully embark into the realm of cloud computing and try your luck.

How Can Azure Certification Add Value to My Career?

Bound to dominate the IT sector, with Cloud infrastructure, Azure is growing like never before. It is faster that most of the cloud service providers and is having an incredible year on year growth rate of whopping 154%.

So, there you go. Getting yourself Azure certified can be the best way to carve a lucrative career path in the field of cloud computing. Do you want any more reasons on what makes this a great career choice? Well, we certainly don’t think so.

Why Should You Choose Limles technologies for Azure courses?

When you choose us, you will learning Azure courses from the very best in the industry. Our Azure courses will provide you with all the necessary knowledge that is required to attain success. This includes information on Azure virtual networks and virtual machines as well as Platform as a Service (PaaS) is IT. our course will empower you to use AutoShell for automation and management and also to migrate from on-prem to cloud. Besides, our training will also include all the critical licensing details, which every IT professional should be aware of.

As cloud-based applications are rapidly growing, securing and upgrading your Azure skills will help you to carve your way to a lucrative career. Call us now to enroll yourself.