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Bigdata, Spark, Scala and Python Courses

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Course covers

  • Introduction to Scala for Apache Spark
  • Spark Core
  • SparkSQL
  • Spark Streaming
  • MLlib
  • GraphX
  • How to Use Apache Spark: Event Detection Use Case
  • Other Apache Spark Use Cases

About the course

  • Apache Spark is expected to dominate Big Data landscape by the year 2022.
  • The average pay for Spark, Scala, Python certified individuals is around 108,366 USD p.a., on Indeed.

So, what does these stats suggest? Well, the stats only say how useful it is to get yourself updated in these fields to stay afloat in this volatile job market. As businesses continue to realize the advantages of Spark, Scala and Python over the standard JVMs, there is a lot of debate around these programming languages. Today, data scientists are biased towards Scala, Spark and Python due to its performance, language complexity, integration with existing libraries as well as the best utilization of the Spark’s core capabilities.

Why Should You Get Certified in Spark, Scala and Python?

This certification course provides you with the required skill sets and the knowledge to emerge and represent yourself as a successful and reliable Big data and Spark developer to potential employers. Once you complete this course, you will also be able to easily clear the examination of CCA Spark & hadoop developer. Being a critical aspect of a Big Data & Hadoop professional’s career path, the course also entails fundamental concepts like Data loading using Sqoop, data Capturing with Flume and messaging systems such as Kafka, to name a few.

Who Should Opt For Spark, Scala and python training Course?

As Big data Analytics market is tremendously growing, there is a huge market demand for certified IT professionals. Following are a few groups of IT professionals who can continuously enjoy the perks and paybacks of venturing in the Big data domain:

  • Senior IT professionals
  • Architects and Developers
  • Software Developers, Architects and Engineers
  • Analytics Professionals and Data Scientists
  • Big Data enthusiasts
  • Mainframe professionals
  • IT freshers

How Can This training Add Value to My Career?

Our Spark, Scala and Python certification programs are designed by the industry experts and spreads across a vast arena of industries. So, you can upgrade your skills and try your luck in multiple industry sectors. Following are some of the highlights of our course:

  • We provide Big Data and Hadoop overview including YARN and HDFS
  • Empower you to handle real time data feeds
  • Provide exposure to real-time industry projects
  • Work on diverse projects including domains like telecommunications, government, banking and social media

Why Should You Choose Our Certification Course?

Being one of the fastest growing and popularly used tools in Big Data Analytics, Spark, Scala and Python are adopted by several companies across the globe. For this reason, at Limles Technologies, we offer highly update and structured training programs that gear you up for success in this domain. Our certification courses require all the current industry requirements and as well as best practices.

  • Besides, our experts also make unrelenting attempt to provide your with a theoretical as well as hands-on experience.

What are you waiting for? You are one step away from fast tracking your career!