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About the course

According to Forbes, the number of Data Science and Analytics jobs is estimated to grow up to 364,000 by 2020. Now, this data is enough to compel talents like you to try your luck in this niche. Or, if you are already in to data science, then what better time it would be to upgrade your skills and move up your career ladder?

Aimed to empower you with different Data Transformation tools and techniques, we cover diverse projects that includes a bit of everything. Rigorous involvement of our SMEs throughout the training will ensure that you will learn all the critical best practices and industry standards specific to this niche.

Why Should I Go For Data Science Training?

This is one common question bothering every professional today. Well, data science is an evolutionary concept involving interdisciplinary fields like business analysis, data modeling, analytics and statistics. So, a structured training is necessary to take complete advantage of all these opportunities.

Besides, working on real life projects will give you an opportunity to try out different tools and get a better practical understanding. Expert advice is an added benefit that you can expect from this training, which helps you to smartly tackle real-life, industry-specific, data related challenges.

What Skills Can You Acquire Through Data Science Training?

Data science training hones your skill sets by enabling you to analyze and understand the actual picture when it comes to handling data and making the most out of it. Our training also provides you with the much needed hands on experience to handle real time, industry specific projects.

During the course, our expert instructors will train you for the following:

  • Get detailed insights on the actual roles played by the data scientists
  • Describe and analyze the complete Data Science life cycle
  • Working with various types of data formats like CSV, XML, etc.
  • Master various Data Transformation tools and techniques
  • Explain different data mining techniques
  • Carry out sentimental analysis and text mining on text data
  • Insights on optimization techniques and data visualization
  • Understand the concept of Deep Learning

Who Should Take Up Data Science Course?

As data Analytics is tremendously growing, learning Data Science is a great opportunity for IT professionals to take their career to an all new level. Having said that, there are no strict rules as to who should take it up. Anyone who wants to upgrade their career or even wish to start or restart their career with Data Science can take up this course. In brief, the course is best suited for:

  • Developers who want to become data scientists
  • Team leaders handling a team of data analysts
  • Business analysts who want to explore Machine Learning techniques
  • Information architects who want to explore Predictive Analytics
  • ‘R’ professionals planning to try their luck in big data
  • Analysts who want to understand Data Science methods

Become a data scientist, upgrade your career and lay your hands on one of those highest paying positions with our Data Science training. Get in touch with us to know more.

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