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Devops AWS Course

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Course covers

  • Introduction to Devops
  • Development and Operational Challenges
  • Overview of Version Control
  • Overview of Build and Deployment Management
  • Overview of Release and Change Management
  • Development and Operational Challenges
  • How to improve collaboration between development and operations.

Configuration Management and CI/CD


  • Overview of Popular version control tools & Build Tools
  • Discussion and setup of GIT/ SVN Tool in Lab
  • Overview of basic concepts like Checkin , Check out , branching, merging.
  • Jenkins - Tool overview & Set up
  • What is a job in Jenkins and how to trigger the same
  • How to schedule basic jobs
  • Basic CI/CD flow in Jenkins

Automation Tools/ Testing

  • Continuous Deployment and Release Management
  • ALM tools overview
  • Automated Testing
  • DevOps Best PracticesAutomated Testing

About the course

Devops AWS certification has rapidly evolved over the past few years. It has now become one of the most sought after certifications. Getting certified will establish your credibility and demonstrate your skills. Achieving these credentials will open doors for you to get involved in AWS projects and present yourself as a reliable expert.

Is it Worth Getting Devops AWS Certified?

Today, recruiters are increasingly looking out for AWS certified professionals. This helps them to pick the skilled resources who will potentially reduce the risks associated with project implementation across AWS. this makes AWS certification extremely useful for both experienced professionals as well as beginners. Professional AWS training program will help you to thoroughly learn AWS practical applications and also clear the certification exam in flying colors.

What Kind of Jobs Can I Expect When I Get AWS Certified?

Businesses are exclusively looking for Devops AWS trained and certified individuals for the following positions:

  • SysOps administrators
  • AWS networking specialists
  • Cloud sales and purchase managers
  • Cloud software engineer
  • AWS cloud architect
  • Cloud developer

Why Should You Choose Our Devops AWS Course?

Our Devops AWS certification program provides in-depth knowledge and is designed to empower you with all the advanced skill sets that are required to climb up your career ladder. We will help you to validate your elite technical expertise in operating, managing and provisioning distributed application systems across the AWS platform.

The best part is, we totally understand how busy you are. So, we provide you with short yet effective videos that help your to learn things succinctly and clearly. Our experts will carefully walk you through operational and development domains. Using real life instances, we will guide you to efficiently design, maintain and manage continuous delivery systems and also to automate operational processes with AWS.

Employers extensively prefer AWS employees to build their business better. So, getting certified will help you to cut through the competition and stand out from the rest.