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About the course

Did you know that Machine Learning (ML) is one of the three most in-demand skills on The other two are deep learning and natural language processing (NLP). Having said that, ML continues to be one of the most sought after qualifications by the recruiters. At Limles technologies, we offer top-quality Machine Learning training program that gears you up for your future. Our training program will make you a specialist in Machine Learning techniques.

This is a type of Artificial Intelligence technique that automates data analysis allowing systems to spontaneously learn and adapt through experience. So, they will be able to do specific tasks without any explicit programming. In this course we will ensure that you master machine Learning techniques and concepts including heuristic and mathematical aspects, hands-on modeling as well as unsupervised and supervised learning to develop algorithms and ultimately prepare you for the position of the Machine Learning Engineer, which in in high demand.

Why Should You Learn Machine Learning?

The market for Machine Learning is expected to shoot up to 8.8 million USD by 2020. Machine Learning has now taken the industry by storm and with that recruiters are increasingly looking for professionals who are well versed with Machine Learning.

Our training program instills data scientists, engineers and other professionals with the necessary skill sets and hands on experience that prepares you for the job competency in this field. The demand for ML is quickly growing, so once you choose us, we will ensure that you get noticed by the recruiters and try your luck in this very niche.

What Skills Can You Learn In Our Machine Learning Training?

Once you choose us for Machine Learning training, we will help you to:

  • Learn and master the techniques of supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning and modeling
  • Get practical knowledge on applications, principles and algorithms of ML learning via hands-on approach
  • Acquire knowledge on heuristic and mathematical skills
  • Comprehend theoretical knowledge of Machine Learning and relate to its practical aspects

Why Choose Our Machine Learning Training?

Apart from providing multiple hands on exercises, we will empower you with practical applications of Machine Learning. We understand that the learning needs and pace differ from one individual to another. Also it is completely different when it comes to corporates planning to get their employees trained in this niche.

So, we provide custom training programs to suit individual needs. Right from self-paced online classroom training to large-scale corporate training solutions, we provide them all.

What is holding you back? Just reach out to us today and embark on your journey of success!