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About the course

As the need for quick and easy exchange of data has increased like never before, businesses are now actively looking out for Mulesoft trained professionals. This technology helps developers to quickly connect multiple applications to facilitate quick and easy data exchange. When you get certified in this training, the chances of you getting noticed by the potential recruiters will also increase. This credential upholds your

Who Can Benefit the Most By Pursuing This Course?

This is a self-paced training program that is suitable for architects and developers who are planning to gain hands on experience with Anypoint Platform for building integrations and APIs. The training helps the participants to make use of Anypoint Platform for discovering, consuming, designing, building, deploying, managing and governing the APIs. Finally, the participants will be made to focus on leveraging Anypoint Studio and Mule for building applications to use as integrations and/or API implementations.

Are There Any Prerequisites to Take Up This Course?

While anyone who looks forward to have a full-filling career in software can go for this course, following are some of the prerequisites that are needed:

  • Experience in Java (preferably) or any other language that is object oriented
  • Basic understanding of different data formats like JSON, XML and CSV
  • Basic knowledge of some of the main integration technologies like SOAP, REST, HTTP, JDBC and JMS

Why Should You Choose Limles Technologies for Mulesoft Training?

At Limles Technologies, we help you to find the right training path that helps you to make the most out of this course. Besides, we also help with placement assistance. No matter what role you are looking at in Mulesoft - developer, administrator, IT professional, architect or a manager - we will help you to realize your dream.

All our trainers are working industry leaders and professionals. Therefore, you can be assured of the best-in-class training. Once you choose us, we will make sure that you are prepared end to end in this niche. We also understand that you might require some assistance even after the completion of the course. For this reason, we will provide you with post training support in the form of access to our discussion forums. Here you can get all your queries answered.

What are you still waiting for? Just enroll to our training program and kick start your career.